New World, New Problems

New World, New Problems

We live in a fascinating time. In the last decade, we have witnessed a drastic change culturally, and technologically. Technology has advanced to the point where a mobile phone is now more powerful than a home computer was ten years ago, more powerful than a supercomputer was in the 1980’s. Culturally, we are probably the most tolerant of each other that we have ever been and social media has become an integral part of the way that we communicate with each other. There are also negatives, of course. The western world is still dropping bombs on innocent civilians in the middle east and calling it ‘heroism’, while any retaliation on their part is then branded ‘terrorism’. We are still pillaging our planet of its limited natural resources as if they were unlimited, without any legitimate contingency plan in place for i̶f̶ when we run out.

Donald Trump is now president elect of the U.S.A. I’m not sure whether or not this is a positive or a negative. While it does signify a collective desire for radical changes to be made politically(this desire is also evident in Britain with the vote being passed to exit the European Union), it will likely make little actual difference. Trump also carries with him some unsavoury, and potentially hazardous ideals. Donald Trump, the Donald Trump, will be the Primary Representative for the biggest western superpower, the United States of America. I suspect though, that a large proportion of the Trump bashing brigade does not actually possess any knowledge of Trump and his ideals beyond a ‘Worst Donald Trump Quotes’ video that they came across while scrolling through their Facebook news feed. It has become a trend to mock Trump. Make a Trump joke and you get to sound political as well as get a guaranteed laugh from people who are in on said trend.

We currently have huge inequality throughout our planet. There are people in developed countries with more money than they could hope to spend in numerous lifetimes. While simultaneously, there are people in non-developed countries without access to enough food or clean water to survive. How, in this era of political-correctness and equality, do we continue to let this grossly unjust model continue?

Here in the developed world, we aren’t faced with life or death scenarios in our daily lives. In fact, if you looked at us from the outside-in, you would see a thriving society seemingly inundated with positive and exciting stimuli. However, despite this, suicide is a leading cause of death among our young people and loneliness and depression are at an all-time high. Due to our adoption of social media, we are more ‘connected’ than ever before. Why is it then, that our society is full of lonely people? Evidently, there is something that we are not accounting for. These problems will not disappear if we simply refuse to look at them for long enough, they will only worsen. Although social media has enabled us to garner a higher quantity of connections, it may have also lessened the quality of the them in the process, eradicating a lot of the face-to-face communication that was previously necessary. We cannot keep living by the same rules that were applied in pre-tech saturated eras. They are outdated and apply to a different world than the one we now inhabit. We must be aware that we are living in a new world, and a new world brings with it new problems and the need to find new solutions.  


Group Video Report

Group Video Report

In week 1 of my first semester in UL. I was informed of a video project that was required to be submitted by the end of week 10, and we were to be divided into groups. I met my group at around the week 4 mark, and we chose our topic. We chose ‘Ubiquitous Computing’. I had been interested in choosing a similar topic in another module but chose another one instead. So I was satisfied with our chosen topic. Fortunately, everyone in my group was willing to put work in. This made the task at hand much more manageable. Over the course of the semester, I have heard some horror stories about group members belonging to other groups, so I was lucky to have avoided these people.

Through my experience with this project, I have learned several things. One being not to leave large amounts of work until near the deadline. I have a habit of delegating any hard work to future me. And when I eventually am future me, I get stressed out. I will try and spread my workload out over the whole semester in the future. Also, if I am assigned another video project, I would like to get more involved in the editing process. One of my group members had had previous experience with editing, so he volunteered to do the bulk of that. He did a good job and the group was very happy with it. I would just like to explore that craft a little more and intend on doing so in my spare time.